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Thank you to all our 2015 Showcase Contributors!, Leslie Abi-Karam, Susan Angeles, Aviva Gibbs,, Lisa Bianco, Cynthia Braslau, William Browne, Dellan Bruder, Robert Buccino, Julia Campanelli,, Pauline Chow, Kathy A Clark, Angelica Connelly, Dan Robinson,, Elizabeth Di Stefano,, Jean Ann Douglass,, Eliza Wiener,, Neil & Paula Fleischer, Elizabeth Flemming, Susan Giesecke, Ruth Hiller, Jack Jeffers,, Lee Kaplan, Kerith Kilhenny,, Brandon & Berni Leon, Monica Liggio,,, James Mahaney, Marin Marcus,, Frederick Mayer--Jennifer Melillo, Colby Parks,, Peter Daspit, Iris Prager,,, Michael Russell, Thomas Schroeder, Greg Schwartz, Robin Selditch, Jodi Shaw, Angelo Spoto, David Swajeski, Arnold Winkelman

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In order to produce this show, we need to raise $50,000.  All money raised is invested directly into production. We cannot do this without your help.  A donation from you will help us pay for:


  • Stipends for 14 actors for 3 weeks

  • Renting the theater for 3 weeks of performances

  • Renting space for auditions & rehearsals

  • Production Crew -- Director, Stage Manager, Sound & Lighting Design

  • Costumes for 14 actors -- this is a progressive period piece

  • Production flyers, press spots, mailers, and playbills etc


The showcase is our strongest opportunity to put this well-written, dynamic musical on in front of the top producers, investors, and theater companies in New York City.



and not tax deductible




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Please consider making a financial contribution to THIS LIFE! as we prepare for our showcase. To make an online, tax-deductible donation today please click our DONATE NOW button:

Thank you for your support

 If you wish to donate via check or cash, please email:

Thank you!


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